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Mysoft and Digital Humani Join Forces for Reforestation

How a UK technology provider organically found us, how they adapted our reforestation API to their customers and software, and how easily a business process was turned into thousands of trees planted after only a matter of three months!

Jade Jehle, Marketing Director @ Digital Humani

How Mysoft and Digital Humani Have Crossed and Merged Paths

At Digital Humani, the summer period does not mean that there is a break or a drop in tree planting… on the contrary! Since the very first month of the summer heat, we have had the chance to gain a new partner and a valuable source of reforestation requests.

In fact, we are thrilled to share this exciting news with you: in June, Mysoft joined our cause and developed an integration between our API and Sage’s ERP solution X3. This API now allows Sage X3 users to configure a set of rules to automate tree-planting using X3 data, in alignment with business sustainability objectives and values. Mysoft, having developed the integration, are now using the API for themselves and are offering it to their customers. This ripple effect is one we are most grateful for and are certain that Mysoft will effectively spread the good word about the opportunity for their customers to plant trees as part of their everyday business and operations!

About Mysoft

Mysoft is a business transformation and technology provider based in the UK. Their team of Sage X3 experts deliver successful solutions that enable their customers to thrive through their use of Sage X3.

Mysoft’s environmental steering group, TREE - Taking Responsibility for the Earth & Environment

Recently, the Mysoft team participated in a fantastic team-building event, a sports and fun day, which also served as a fundraising opportunity for Digital Humani. Thanks to the dedicated Mysoft team, this event successfully raised £500 in support of this wonderful cause!

How the Sage Foundation Brings Reforestation Forward

Mysoft is a proud Sage Business Partner, and consider themselves very fortunate to also be partnered with the Sage Foundation, a not for profit organization set up by Sage to recognize and support charities and organizations that are meaningful to their communities.

The Sage Foundation was established in 2015 and since then, the company has built a model of action philanthropy via their employees, partners and customers by giving their time through face-to-face and virtual volunteering.

Having fundraised almost $3 million to date to support non-profit organizations across the world, the Foundation also supports the nonprofit sector by providing discounted software to eligible charities, social enterprises, and other non-profit organizations.

The Sage Foundation is committed to providing financial support and volunteering efforts for non-profit organizations like Digital Humani. In that spirit, Sage has taken the initiative to register Digital Humani at Benevity, with the aim of doubling Mysoft’s initial donation to an impressive £1000!

This generous contribution is a testament to Mysoft’s dedication to making a positive impact in the community and supporting organizations that are making a difference. Mysoft hopes that this contribution will aid Digital Humani in their noble endeavors, and they look forward to continuing this partnership alongside the Sage Foundation, in creating a greener future for all.

Customer Orders That Generate Automated Tree Planting Requests

Reaching nearly 800 tree requests per month since June, Mysoft’s involvement in our reforestation cause has evidently been a success, made a positive impact and shown to be an important cause for their client base!

In fact, to top it off, Sage has shown great generosity by extending the efforts: from May to September 2023, being the first phase and launch of the tree-planting API at Mysoft, Sage is matching the amount of trees requested for this period.

A Green Outlook on the Future

"We're excited to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mysoft for their pivotal role in advancing our environmental mission. Mysoft's dedication was evident as they seamlessly integrated our API with Sage's ERP solution X3, enabling businesses to align operations with reforestation goals. Their engagement in a team-building event, leading to a £500 contribution to Digital Humani, reflects their genuine commitment to the environmental cause.

Additionally, Sage's initiative to register Digital Humani at Benevity aims to double Mysoft’s initial donation to an impressive £1000. This partnership highlights innovation, business acumen, and environmental consciousness, inspiring the potential of aligning success with eco-friendly initiatives." - Jonathan Villiard, Founder of Digital Humani

Since this API will allow Sage X3 users to configure a set of rules to automate the tree-planting process using X3 data (in alignment with business sustainability objectives and values), and considering its obvious success already within the first months of implementation, we are very enthusiastic about the road we’ve embarked on with Mysoft!

For more information on integrating reforestation with Sage X3, visit Mysoft’s website.

To learn more about automated reforestation, reach out to us today.

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