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How to use RaaS

You can add reforestation options like planting a tree (or more!) at checkout or bundle tree(s) with products in your online store to help offset the carbon footprint of the transaction and enable your customers to contribute too!

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Email newsletters are a great way to interact with new visitors to your digital properties.  


Rewarding new subscribers by planting a tree in their name will help grow your list!

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Nothing brings new business like happy customers - and to get them to refer their friends and peers to your organization, plant one or more trees to thank them!

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Client referrals

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Use reforestation as a way to generate more sales by creating promotions or rewarding loyalty with your new and existing customers.

Offered as rewards, prizes, campaigns, loyalty benefits! 🌲

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A win-win addition to your app: a sale is encouraged through an environmental deed!


Our customer TezLab encourages its users to  plant trees every time they charge their electric car through their app.

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In-app planting

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Customers are not only external, they are also your employees. With Digital Humani, you can reward employees by planting trees for individual contributions, group objectives or anything which will boost morale at your organization!


HR Projects

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Our customers found creative ways to integrate reforestation into their business practices to help reduce their carbon footprint, improve their customer experience and employee morale

Planting trees is a great way to bring everyone together around the same objectives, aligned with the planet's benefits. 🌳

For video game developers, in-app purchases can include special items like a “green sword of reforestation” which you sell and... plant a tree for every purchase!

What We Do


as a Service, or RaaS


Our software as a service platform helps organizations like yours plant trees in alignment with your business objectives and values on a global scale, today with very little effort for big impacts.

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