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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place to look for the information you need about our Reforestation as a Service softwarw, should you not find what you seek please use the contact us form located here! 🌳

  • What does RaaS mean?
    RaaS is an acronym which stands for Reforestation as a Service, inspired from Software as a Service
  • Who can use the Digital Humani RaaS software?
    Our software platform is designed for organizations of any type who wish to add reforestation as part of their business practices
  • What do I gain access to after signing up?
    Signing up here will give you access to the following: - Access to a test (sandbox) and production environment - A dashboard - Reports - API and integration information for automated tree planting
  • What if I’m an individual who wants to plant some trees?
    You will be better served by sponsoring trees directly with our reforestation partners or use our the mobile app (iOS and Android) from our friends at It allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and plant trees accordingly on a monthly basis!
  • How much does it cost to use Digital Humani's RaaS?
    As of today, the solution is 100% free. You only pay for the trees ($1 USD for each tree) directly to the reforestation organization.
  • How long does it take to integrate RaaS with my site or app?
    Depending on the complexity of the project and the skill level of your team, it can be done in minutes but do factor in some time for testing too. Integrations and SDKs are also available to speed up your implementation.
  • Will I have access to reports about the trees requested?
    Yes! By signing up here, you will have access to a dashboard from which you are able view the activity in your account.
  • Can I request trees without integration in our systems
    Yes. By signing up here, you will have access to a dashboard from which you are able to directly request trees.
  • Does Digital Humani offer carbon offset certifications?
    The reforestation organizations we work with plant trees, and those trees provide important benefits in terms of carbon sequestration (carbon capture). However, these projects are not verified for certified carbon credits. Carbon certification projects require more resources and it would cost more than 1$ to work with certified projects.
  • How does your business model work?
    As of today, we rely on various donations to pay the expenses. There are no salaries to pay since the whole team is made up of volunteers, all concerned about climate change and looking to make a difference.
  • Can I choose where the trees are planted?
    Yes! We work with 7 reforestation organizations, allowing you to choose from lots of reforestation projects. More details on the Reforestation Partners page.
  • Do you provide certificates that we could send our clients/users?
    We’re glad you asked. Our certificate generator feature gives you the ability to generate PDF certificates for tree planting requests. Please contact us to request access as this is currently in beta.
  • How can we make sure that the trees are planted?
    We only work with renowned and trusted reforestation organizations. And by paying them directly, you can be sure that the money sent is used to plant the requested trees.
  • Is there a minimum number of trees that we need to request?
    No, although to avoid unnecessary processing fees for the reforestation organizations, they prefer waiting to have a certain amount of trees requested (usually 50) before invoicing you. Please contact us if this is a concern to you, we will be able to tell you the exact minimum for each of our reforestation partners.
  • How does payment work?
    You simply receive an invoice directly from the reforestation organization (monthly or quarterly, depending on the number of trees). Once you pay the reforestation organization, they begin the process of planting these trees. By paying directly to the reforestation organization, you can be sure that the money is all spent on planting trees.
  • Where can I see a complete list of the reforestation projects available?
    Our reforestation partners are listed here , and the complete list of projects available is available in our API documentation here.
  • Is there documentation for developers?
    Yes. The API documentation describes our API and contains instructions on how to use it. It also contains a number of integrations and SDKs available that you can use to easily integrate with the API.
  • Where can I get an API key to securely call the API?
    By signing up here, you will have access to a dashboard from which you be able to retrieve your API keys (Sandbox and Production)
  • Do you provide a test environment from which we could test our integration?
    Yes! By signing up here, you will have access to 2 environments: Sandbox and Production. You can use the Sandbox environment to make your integration tests.
  • Can you automate tree planting with Zapier?
    Yes we can! Our automation will let you plant trees with tons of applications and no coding experience is required. Should you wish to learn more on integrating with Zapier please visit our integration on Zapier's site here,
  • Our e-commerce website runs on Shopify, do you have a Shopify app we could use?
    Our partner at GetMesa created one, available here and one is in the works too!
  • Do we need to choose only one reforestation project ?
    It’s up to you. Most enterprises use our API to plant in only one reforestation project. Some let their users decide where to have their trees planted, while some request the trees randomly between a few different reforestation projects. What we recommend though is that your enterprise requests the trees from only one reforestation organization. It will prevent you from receiving multiple invoices from different reforestation organizations at the end of each month. The complete list of projects is available here in the API documentation
  • What type of organization is Digital Humani?
    Digital Humani is a Canadian non-profit organization built and run by a volunteer collective of IT oriented people from all around the world.
  • Where is Digital Humani located?
    We are headquartered in the Greater Montreal area in Canada, and the team is distributed globally.
  • Can I help?
    Yes! We are always looking to grow our team, please click here to drop us a line!
  • Do you accept donations?
    Yes! As a nonprofit, one of our main challenges is to keep the project well funded, if you wish to financially contribute please click here and we thank you in advance!
  • How does Digital Humani finance its operations?
    As of today, we rely on various donations and technology vendor programs to keep the lights on and invest in tools to make our RaaS platform better, allowing us to offer our solution free of charge. There are no salaries to pay since the whole team consists of volunteers.
Global Forest Watch 2020 forest loss stats.png


From 2002 to 2020, there was a total of 64.7Mha humid primary forest lost globally, making up 16% of its total tree cover loss in the same time period. Total area of humid primary forest decreased globally by 6.3% in this time period.

More details and data on Global Forest Watch's dashboard

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