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About Digital Humani


Mission 🌳

To automate, accelerate and scale-up the adoption of humanitarian causes by harnessing the power of digital technologies. It envisions becoming the go-to non-profit for technical solutions which tackle humanitarian causes. The development of RaaS demonstrates its commitment to fighting climate change as part of its environmental activism efforts. As a volunteer collective, Digital Humani relies on a group of technology-oriented professionals who volunteer their time to the cause.

Digital Humani is a Canadian non-profit organization. We develop a reforestation technology that facilitates interactions between reforestation organizations and organizations of all sorts. Conceived in 2017, Reforestation as a Service (RaaS) has evolved into a scalable and cost-efficient innovation for environmentally conscious organizations by proactively contributing to reforestation efforts via their regular activities. Digital Humani has reached key milestones, including product feature releases, obtaining the non-profit status, and the planting via reputable partners of more than 150,000 trees.

Meet the Founder

Jonathan Villiard, Founder & Solutions Architect

Digital Humani was set up as a Quebec-based (Canada) non-profit organization in March 2021 by Jonathan Villiard and fellow professionals with a technology background. A Board of Directors (BoD) as a body responsible for the supervision of activities is in place. The BoD consists of the founding team plus 10 additional Board Members with complementary professional experience and skills in information technology, digital marketing, administration, business development, and sustainability. As a volunteer collective, Digital Humani relies on the contribution of over 30 tech-minded volunteers who engage with Digital Humani via climate tech meet-ups.

Why We Do it 🌍

Caring for the now and the tomorrow stands behind every action at Digital Humani. Use this calculator to see how urgently forests around you need help.


The work of volunteers at Digital Humani is a form of digital environmental activism. The development of RaaS and Digital Humani’s work directly contribute towards the United Nations (UN) Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, there is relevance with SDG9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG13 Climate Action, SDG15 Life On Land, and SDG17 Partnerships For the Goals. The multiple ways to which Digital Humani and RaaS link with the SDGs is illustrated in Figure 2 below.

Trees and Mountains
  • Build quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient digital infrastructure characterized by affordable and equitable access.

  • Foster innovation among the volunteer collective and climate tech stakeholders.

  • Promote cloud computing, resource-efficiency, and the use of renewable energy sources in digital infrastructure.

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  • Recognize the urgent action required to combat the worldwide climate crisis. 

  • Promote climate neutrality and climate positivity as sustainable alternatives to existing practices reliant on high carbon emissions.

  • Enable enterprises to take immediate climate action via donations to humanitarian actions, including forest restoration.

  • Acknowledge terrestrial and wetland areas as high-priority areas for restoration. 

  • Commit to raising awareness of reforestation as a viable climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy.

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  • Contribute towards the rehabilitation of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and restoration ecosystem services through reforestation.

  • Intensify reforestation efforts globally by sectorally and geographically diverse stakeholder groups, and particularly corporate actors.

  • Mobilize corporate and non-corporate funds towards global reforestation activities, and particularly in tropical climates and the Global South. 

  • Promote the sustainable management of forests as well as the establishment and conservation of protected areas. 

  • Raise awareness of the adverse effects of desertification, land degradation, the destruction of natural habitats, and biodiversity loss.

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  • Connect non-profit organizations with sectorally and geographically diverse stakeholder groups aspiring to take environmental action.

  • Liaise with reforestation organizations as well as sustainability, climate change and reforestation experts to co-explore ways to scale up and intensify reforestation efforts. 

  • Strengthen international resource mobilization from multiple sources, especially directed towards areas most in need and the Global South. 

  • Facilitate interaction and cooperation between stakeholders, particularly within the area of reforestation, in the Global North and the Global South.

  • Ensure access to Digital Humani’s technology to stakeholders regardless of their financial capacity and capability.   

  • Encourage multi-stakeholder partnerships and support the achievement of the SDGs globally.

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