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Global Reforestation Partners

Global Forest Watch Deforestation Map.png

For in-depth information on air quality & forest statuses worldwide, visit Global Forest Watch here.

Those Making A Difference 🌍
Meet our global reforestation allies!

These amazing organizations plant trees around the world and you get to choose which of the 40+ projects you wish to collaborate with on a per-project basis. This means you can work with multiple partners and/or get trees planted in multiple geographies!

The full list of global reforestation projects is available in our documentation here.

Sustainable Harvest International.png

Sustainable Harvest International was built on the idea that environmental devastation and rural poverty are unavoidably linked. They partner with farmers, providing long-term support and hands-on training. Since 1997, they've worked with over 2,891 families and planted 4 million trees. 

Conserve Natural logo.png

Conserve Natural Forests is a non-profit foundation focused on forest restoration and wildlife conservation in the tropical mountain forests of northern Thailand, including restoration of nearby degraded landscapes and the preservation of local forests.

Planting on demand org.png

Planting on Demand is a company offering mangrove reforestation via the Marine Conservation Philippines, a non-profit in the Philippines, as well as a non-profit in Indonesia, CarbonEthics.

Accountable and documented tree-planting is what makes them unique.

Community Forests International logo.png

Community Forests International is a Canadian charity, working to protect and restore the climate by enabling communities and forests to thrive together. Digital Humani's solution is used to plant trees in Acadian forests in Canada (primarily New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) on lands owned by Community Forests International.

“We must build on this momentum to catalyse bold actions to prevent, halt and reverse the loss of forests and their biodiversity, for the benefit of current and future generations.”

‘The State of the World’s Forests: Forests, Biodiversity and People’

report by FAO and UNEP


Photo credit: One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted
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