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  • JP Hébert

Social Engagement Marketing 101

How to make the planet greener and educate your target audience(s) about it 💚

Social engagement marketing? What is that? Thanks for asking! It's an emerging practice where your organization aligns itself with values which your customer base relates to. It's really that simple. Now where does this fit with reforestation? Good question, and please continue reading!

Recently, I was invited to give a talk at the DigiMarCon conference in Montreal and realized this is a great opportunity to talk about emerging customer behavior changes and how to engage with them from a values perspective through what we learned over the last few years at Digital Humani.

And we learned many, many things, namely that our users have very creative ideas to engage with their prospects and customers which were shared at the conference (video below!). Combine their ideas with the fact that audiences will more and more make a decision based on your organizational values, you can do something really interesting too! You can go beyond the "classic" place an order and we plant a tree, but this is a really good thing to do as a starting point.

Big brand example: look at what Patagonia did by making the Earth it's only shareholder. This is a very big and bold move which sent shockwaves across many media outlets, and most importantly, the consumers. And odds are their sales went up very quickly by doing some good - their business is doing good.

Of course, not every organization has this level of ambition, but yours can add some positive value-based initiatives such as reforestation as part of your business practices. And you can do this for both internal AND external audiences!

With all our recent integration additions, Digital Humani can be interfaced with almost any system - you can get really creative. Using tools like SalesForce, Shopify or WooCommerce? Yes, you can plant trees now! That way, your customers and employees know you care, and that means a lot.

Reforestation not be your thing? Take a look at how certified B-Corporations are doing similar things, you can leverage cool programs like 1% for the planet. We all live here, might as well invest in our home planet.

Below is a re-recording of the given presentation and I hope you will learn something you can leverage in your organization.

Questions? Comments? Don't be shy! You can chat with us here in the comments section or drop us a line here. Thanks for reading!


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