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  • Jonathan Villiard

Sustainable alternative to conference swag

The pandemic might have decreased the number of in-person conferences in the last few years, but they now seem back in full-swing. And with it the $64 billion swag industry, as described in the Can we finally kill off cheap, disposable conference swag? article from FastCompany.

It is interesting to learn that I am not the only one who’s not interested in getting another water bottle, t-shirt, flash drive or notebook I will never use. Since sustainability is now a top concern for lots of people, is giving disposable products the best way to promote your company or services?

The best alternative might seem to not give products at all, but another even better alternative might be available: plant a tree for every customer that is interested in your product. It is a great way to collect their email address, and who will say no to having a tree planted just for giving away an email address?

And how much will this tree cost you? $1 only. Yes, way cheaper than this water bottle or flash drive.

A few use cases that you can easily implement:

1- When signing up to your newsletter, a tree will be planted in the user's name. As an example, our client implemented our solution to automate the process.

2- When registering at your booth using a form, your visitors could choose where they want to have their tree planted between X different countries.

3- When accepting to be called by your company representative, 5 trees will be planted in a specific country.

These use cases can easily be automated by using our RaaS (Reforestation as a Service) solution either by using our API, or by using the various SDKs and integrations already developed.

If you prefer to avoid implementing an automated process, you also have the possibility to request the trees manually by using our dashboard.

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