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  • Jonathan Villiard

Good things come in trees: DH, Zapier, and the app of your choice

In this “Know our Integrations” series of posts, let us present to you the various Zapier Integrations Digital Humani has to offer with its RaaS (Reforestation as a Service) solution.

Photo credit: Worthe and One Tree Planted

But first, what is Zapier? Zapier is a web tool allowing users to integrate web applications and automate workflows without having to code the integrations. Zapier can connect to more than 5000 applications!

Zapier has a tiered pricing structure, with a free plan allowing you to automate 100 tasks per month. All the details can be found on their Plans and Pricing page.

Now back to Tree Planting with Zapier Integrations: Zapier lets you connect Digital Humani with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate tree planting without the need to code. The Digital Humani integrations with Zapier are available here.

Here are some interesting use case that can easily be implemented using Zapier and its Digital Humani Tree Planting integrations:

Plant a tree for every sales record created in Salesforce

Plant a tree for every invoice paid using Paypal

Plant a tree for every new Stripe order

Plant a tree for every new Calendly invitees

Plant a tree for every new Shopify orders

There’s a lot more integrations available, with Mailchimp, WooCommerce, Hubspot, Doodle, Square, Wix, ThriveCart, eBay, etc. The whole list is available on the Zapier site here.

So if you are looking for an easy way to integrate tree planting automation in your online processes, Zapier might be the solution for you.

If Zapier is not the right fit for you, please take a look at our Integration page, where you will find many more integrations and SDKs available for our RaaS (Reforestation as a Service) solution.

And of course, please do not hesitate to drop us a line through our Contact page if you have any questions.

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