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  • Jonathan Villiard

Tree Planting With the Adobe Commerce Platform

In the “Know our Integrations” series of blog posts, here is a tree planting Adobe Commerce (Magento) extension built by our friends at Absolute Commerce.

But first, what is Adobe Commerce, previously called Magento? Adobe Commerce is a very popular e-commerce platform within the gigantic Adobe family, and used by more than 150 000 online stores.

Should you own an Adobe Commerce online store and wish or would like to automate tree planting, the free Absolute Commerce reforestation integration extension is what you are looking for!

The extension works in the background of your site, waiting for customer actions (such a buying a product) to trigger the planting of 1 or more trees. The only thing to do is configure which customer event(s) will trigger the tree planting process. The API calls to plant the trees are done asynchronously, so as not to affect your site's performance. Also, a log of the trees planted is stored within Magento, giving you access to your data.

Here are some interesting use cases that can easily be implemented by using the Magento integration:

  • Plant trees when an order is placed.

  • Plant X trees for every Y amount that a customer spends on your site.

  • Plant trees when a customer account is registered.

If you are looking for an easy way to integrate tree planting automation in your online Adobe Commerce site, this Absolute Commerce Tree Planting extension might be the solution for you.

If this Magento is not the right fit for you, please take a look at our Integrations page, where you will find many more ways to implement this eco-friendly activity. SDKs are available for our RaaS (Reforestation as a Service) solution.

And of course, please do not hesitate to drop us a line through our Contact page if you have any questions.

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